the outcome of our services is always directed towards

the establishment of an honest and reliable global network for everyone

What We Do


— Crowd Funding

We offer a platform for all crowd funding services ranging from the funding a project or venture and we achieve this by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.



— Building Networks

We believe in the works we do and by so doing, we create strong relationships with our respective organisations or companies we work with. We also create strong business bonds through our advertising services both locally and at a global level.


— Fundraising

One of Fundraiser Trust’s main goal is to create an environment where fund sourcing is made flexible and less involving in every way possible. With an utmost trusted and transparent environment, this service is achieved with no uncertainties.


— Financial auditing

Fundraisers Trust carries out all accounting process in relation to the Fundraising Activities. We achieve this through evaluations of the financial transactions and statements of all fundraising activities. The ultimate purpose of our financial audit service is to present an accurate amount of the fundraising transactions of  the fundraising organisation.


— money monitoring services

With our trusted and professionally equipped Team, we manage all money monitoring services transparently.