Unreached Areas Safe Home

The Unreached Area Safe Home Organization is an Organization formed by Christians from various denominations to serve Christ by helping to transform the lives of the underprivileged children more especially the children in hospitals, in prisons who's mothers have been imprisoned. This organization was formed in 2012 and is registered under the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services. OUR VISION To help sharpen the future of the vulnerable children in prisons, Hospitals and the Community at large, so they can become tomorrow's world changers. MAIN OBJECTIVE We are non profit organization with a calling to provide shelter, sustenance, education, medical care, spiritual and emotional support, to the needy children in prisons, hospitals and the community at large in Lusaka and other outlying areas of Zambia. We strive to meet the needs of Children in Hospitals and Prisons and the Community at Large, a needy and vulnerable population, in the care of children in Hospitals and Prisons and the Community at large.

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